Where do I pick-up my rental ?

Coast is located at The Harbor Hotel at 698 Commercial Street and also offers same day free delivery anywhere in Provincetown ! 

What is the age requirement to rent an URB-E Scooter at Coast Provincetown?

At Coast safety is our top priority. All riders must be at least 18 years old with a valid ID. All renters must sign a waiver and provide a major credit card for incidentals. 


What are the traffic rules for riding a Scooter?

The URB-E Scooter is recognized as an electric bike requiring all riders to follow local electric bicycle law. We ask all riders to be respectful and avoid riding on sidewalks or in anyway that causes increased danger to yourself or others.

What is the maximum weight to ride an Scooter?

We recommend a maximum weight of 300 pounds to maintain full battery strength.

How far can I ride my Scooter?

On a full charge your URB-E has a range of about 20 miles. Traveling up steep inclines will take more energy out of the battery and reduce the range. Other factors such as road surface, wind resistance, and rider weight can also affect the scooters range.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Coast provides helmets with all rentals and requires all riders to wear them.

Can I ride in the rain?

Because safety is our priority, rentals will be cancelled and refunded 100% if the weather has been determined by the staff at Coast to not be safe for our renters.

How late can I keep my rental? Do you offer overnight or weekly rentals?


All rentals must be returned before 8 pm on the day of your full day rental . Please contact Coast to inquire about a longer rental period.

Where can I lock up my rental?

All rentals from Coast must be secured to a bicycle rack. A detailed map or all racks can be found at www.pedalptown.com 

Be advised that any Scooter found secured to trees, signs, buildings or anything other than a bike rack will result in the loss of rental and deposit of $200. 

Don't forget.... Your rental is FOLDABLE and weighs 35lbs !!! If you can't find a bike rack close by just ask if you can carry it into your destination !!!