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Ready to Coast ?

Download the Coast-Enjoy the ride app to find your ride.

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Create your Coast Account

Coast-Enjoy the ride

Coast App QR.png

         Credit Card Required 18+
              No Tandem Riding

Click on the bike/ scooter on the map to see the price/location/battery level of your ride.


  Promos Tab:

Ride passes (hourly/daily/weekly)
Discount offers
Promo code entry

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kick off scooter_edited.png
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Screenshot 2024-03-24 at 11.48_edited.jpg

BEFORE  scanning the QR code on your ride:

Visually inspect bike/scooter 
Squeeze brakes to ensure firm
Adjust Seat Height
Check Tires
Scan QR code

Locate an approved parking location near your destination before starting your ride.

parking p.png

Scooter Operation:

Wear Helmet
Scan QR Code

Lift Kickstand=Roll Forward
To start riding:
Step on the scooter deck with one foot and kick off with the other.
Press down throttle once rolling
Engage kickstand=Pull back


  Electric Bike Operation:

Wear Helmet
Adjust Seat Height
Scan QR Code
Start Pedaling
Automatic shifting/electric assist


7 Speed Manual Pedal Bike operation:

Wear Helmet
Adjust Seat Height
Squeeze brakes
Scan QR Code
Bike will automatically unlock
Lift kickstand= Roll forward
Engage kickstand=Pull Back
To Lock:
Manually Slide lock lever through the rear tire ( avoid rim) 
Lock will be chirp when locked

How to lock a bike while in rental ?
Bikes/Scooters can be locked anywhere while in an active rental. Pause rate will apply for rentals not on a ride pass. 

Rides can only end in an approved parking location in the designated area on the coast app. Rental will not end until max day rate reached if not in approved parking.

How do I end my ride?
Park in designated parking 
Be mindful of walkways
Use kickstand
On manual bike depress lock on back rim
Slide END RIDE button to the right


Slide to end ride                  Tap to pause
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